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Blondest: Professional Blonde Hair Products

Blonde hair is sensitive to external aggressions so it is essential to guarantee a complete care. Discover Blondest, our range of products formulated to care of and maintain blonde hair, with pea proteins and Hairplex incorporated!

Anti Yellow Mask

Mask that moisturizes, strengthens and keeps hair healthy. Neutralizes the yellowish and orange tones of natural blond and bleached hair.

Anti Yellow Conditioner

Lotion that strengthens and moisturizes the hair while neutralizes the yellowish and orange tones in natural blond or bleached hair.

Lightening Spray

Lotion that lightens from 1 up to 2 shades the natural color of the hair and neutralizes the yellowish and orange tones.
Blondest: Professional Blonde Hair Products


Natural or colored blonde hair needs specific care to provide protection, hydration and shine. Its light shade makes it very sensitive to external aggressions such as the sun, pollution, and chlorine...

Why use specific products for blonde hair?

Including the right products in your client's hair care routine is the key to protecting the hair, illuminating it and maintaining the color, avoiding yellowish tones. We recommend combining a specific shampoo for blonde hair, a mask to provide a nourishing and protective layer to the hair fiber and a lotion to help maintain the color.

Best products to lighten blonde hair

The Blondest range is specifically designed and formulated to treat blonde hair. Different solutions are available to ensure complete care.

Rely on our treatments specifically designed to nourish and protect blonde hair and offer complete care to your clients. If you are interested, contact us!


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