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Available sizes: Bottle of 100 ml


Colorful is a direct application and long-lasting coloration. It allows you to create extreme colors suitable only for the most daring people. Colorful is available in 7 colors and a white tone mix.

Available colors: Superpink, Violet, Ibiza Blue, Apple Green, Lemon, Chili Red, Orange & White-Mixer.

Key ingredients

Colorful incorporates color pigments that penetrate into the hair and are fixed to ensure the best color result and duration up to 20 washes.
To ensure the maximum duration is recommended to apply on previously bleached hair or natural very light blond hair of shade 8-9.
Depending on the concentration of pigments and hair condition, the duration of the color may vary.

Colorful White-Mixer can dilute the intensity of the other 7 Colorful colors.
You can mix any Colorful color with Colorful White-Mixer to get a pastel fashion tone. Depending on the proportion used of White-Mixer, it is achieved higher or lower intensity of color.

All Colorful colors can be mixed between them, which offers you a wide range of possibilities and opportunities to create your unique Colorful.


How to use it?

*To avoid stains on the skin, use appropriate gloves. We recommend the use of bowl and brush. The more intense color results are achieved on bleached hair. Longer exposure time for more intense results


  1. Wash your hair and dry with towel.
  2. Apply the necessary amount of Colorful directly on the hair.
  3. Leave for 15 to 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse with plenty water.
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