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HAIR.LIZZ Deep Cleansing Shampoo [1]

Available sizes: Bottle of 1000 ml

HAIR.LIZZ Deep Cleansing Shampoo [1]

Shampoo that prepares hair for Hair.Lizz hair smoothing treatment.
Deep cleans while nourishing and moisturizing the hair.
Enriched with Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol.

Key ingredients

  • Soft and balanced formula without parabens.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: captures and preserves hydration. Fight hair aging and dryness. Re-fill the hair. Increases hair hydration by 51% after 4 hours (clinically proven). Restores hydration levels to the optimum value to prevent dryness responsible of breakage and frizz.
  • Keratin: penetrates the hair cuticle repairing hair structure leaving it soft and shiny.
  • Panthenol: derived from provitamin B5 moisturizes, reduces split ends and adds shine.
HAIR.LIZZ Deep Cleansing Shampoo [1]

How to use it?

  1. Wash the hair twice with HAIR.LIZZ Deep Cleansing Shampoo N1.
  2. Dry the excess moisture up to 50-70% with the towel.

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