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Hairloss Prevention Active + Pack

Avasilable size: Shampoo 250 ml / Lotion 150 ml / Haircomplex 6 x 8 ml

Hairloss Prevention Active + Pack

Intensive treatment pack of 6 weeks composed by Placentinol Hairloos Shampoo, Placentinol Hairloss Lotion and Placentinol Haircomplex, products developed according to the last advances of the cosmetic science that combined to each other, allows to obtain excellent results.

Key ingredients

Products formulated with active ingredients that stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and helps to hair growth:

  • Orange Stem Cells: contains amino acids, especially proline and betaine, in addition to organic acids, sugars, peptides and proteins. Purifies, regenerates and renews the scalp cells.
  • Biologically active proteins obtained from milk: act stimulating follicle and protein synthesis.
  • DL-etilpantitenol: essential element of coenzyme A. Improves damaged hair, increases moisture and protects hair from environmental influences.
  • Inositol: prevents hair damage.
  • Sulfur amino acids: regulate sebum.
  • Placenta Protein: hydrates, softens, strengthens and repairs damaged or fine hair.
  • Natural Wheat Proteins: strengthen hair penetrating the hair cuticle.
  • Coconut Oil derivatives: nourishes the hair, helps the healthy growth and provides shine.
Hairloss Prevention Active + Pack

How to use it?

  1. Wash the hair with PLACENTINOL HAIRLOSS SHAMPOO, doing a slight massage and then rinse the hair carefully with warm water.
  2. Then apply once a week, a vial of PLACENTINOL HAIRCOMPLEX and daily apply PLACENTINOL HAIRLOSS LOTION.
  3. Distribute their content on the hair and make an energetic massage on the scalp.
  4. Don’t rinse and style as usual.

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