Introducing Protein Complex: Advanced Hair Care

We are sure that when a client visits your salon in search of solutions for her hair, the first thing you do is analyze her hair type to offer her the right product or treatment. There are specific hair care lines for every hair need.


In this order of things, at Profesional Cosmetics we have just launched Protein Complex, a line of 12 products that seek to help you in your daily work of offering personalized care to each of your clients.


The main ingredient of Protein Complex is tannins, organic compounds from certain vegetables (grapes, pomegranates, loquats) but which can also be found in the wood or shells of some nuts, and which have multiple benefits for the hair. Specifically, tannins help to moisturize the hair, protect the hair fiber and provide elasticity to the hair. In addition, several clinical studies have also shown that these compounds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are therefore beneficial to overall health. For this reason we do not hesitate to include them in the formula of all Protein Complex products.


However, in the formulations you will also find other natural ingredients such as jojoba, coconut, ginger, hyaluronic acid, collagen or grapefruit. Each of the active ingredients provides specific properties so that the treatments are effective according to the type of hair and the hair needs that are being addressed.


For example, you will find grapefruit in the formulation of Detox products, which are specific for scalps suffering from dandruff or excess sebum. Why? Because grapefruit has purifying properties that help balance the scalp and fight both dandruff and oil. Coconut, on the other hand, is found in Repair products because of its nourishing and moisturizing properties.


Specifically, the new Protein Complex line consists of:

  • REPAIR SHAMPOO: Shampoo that nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair. Its formula is 100% free of sulfates, parabens and silicones. It contains tannins and coconut that strengthen, moisturize, repair and give shine to the hair.
  • REPAIR CONDITIONER: Conditioning cream that nourishes dry and damaged hair leaving it shiny and with a silky texture. Its formula contains the same active ingredients as the shampoo.
  • REPAIR MASK: Natural intensive repair mask that nourishes and strengthens the hair thanks to its composition based on tannins and coconut.
  • REPAIR SERUM: Serum that repairs and softens damaged hair, controlling frizz and adding shine. Its formula is super moisturizing as it contains tannins, coconut, argan, avocado and Betula Alba.
  • COLOR PROTECT SHAMPOO: Color protecting shampoo, which intensifies and extends its duration thanks to its formula with tannins and jojoba.
  • COLOR PROTECT MIST: Treatment that protects hair color from UV rays, moisturizes, adds shine and volume thanks to its pea protein content.
  • COLOR PROTECT MASK: Treatment mask that creates a protective film to prolong hair color, softness and shine.
  • COLOR PROTECT SILVER SHAMPOO: Shampoo for white hair that neutralizes yellowish tones. Its formula is 100% free of sulfates, parabens and silicones.
  • DETOX SHAMPOO: Shampoo that purifies the scalp by regulating oil and dandruff, deeply cleanses and protects the hair from atmospheric agents and UV rays. These properties are the result of its formula based on tannins and grapefruit.
  • DETOX CONDITIONER: Conditioner that protects the hair, purifies the scalp and softens the hair without making it greasy.
  • DETOX CREAM: Cream that protects hair from external agents, nourishes and detangles it.
  • VOLUME SHAMPOO: Treatment shampoo for fine hair that provides volume, strength and movement. Its formula contains tannins, collagens, hyaluronic acid and ginger.

Protein Complex allows you to offer a specific treatment to each client according to her hair type and hair needs. In addition, the formulas are highly effective thanks to the amount of natural ingredients they contain, including tannins.
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