Permanent Curly

Professional products for permanent hair curling to ensure long lasting defined curls.
Permanent Curly


Curly perms are a popular treatment for clients with straight and straight hair. With the application of professional curling products such as Splendide Perm Wave Lotion you can ensure curly hair with spectacular and natural volume.

In addition, with the permanent curling technique you can manage the final result of each of your clients by providing the desired volume at the roots or throughout the hair, as well as deciding the size of the curl getting more generous waves or smaller curls. To everyone's taste!

Tips on how to care for curly permed hair

Hair exposed to a curly perm needs special care that provides deep nourishment and hydration. Curly hair, in general, is drier by nature so it is important that you advise your clients to use a daily shampoo and conditioner that restores, moisturizes, softens and adds shine to their hair. They will feel their hair healthier and avoid the frizz that is so common with curly hair.

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